Staff Spotlight- Andrea Griggs

Ms. Andrea has played a vital role at the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Texas over the last 4 years.  She is passionate about her job and gives 110% to the Club Kids everyday. One of her favorite aspects of the job is to watch as the kids apply the things she has taught them, whether that be in cooking class or through homework help and tutoring. Last year Mr. Kevin (Club Director) came up with the idea to start a cooking class at the Club. In true Andrea form she took the idea and made it into a reality.  Twice a week our kitchen is filled with eager Club Kids learning how to cook simple and healthy recipes on hot plates and in the toaster oven.  She has taught them how to make everything from grilled chicken salad to casseroles and banana pudding (her personal favorite). But the Kids are not the only ones learning. “It isn’t uncommon for the kids to teach me how to do something new. Like the time we made wraps in cooking class and one of the kids told me that I was rolling it the hard way. She showed me an easier way of doing it that her mom had taught her”, said Ms. Andrea. The kids feel close to Ms. Andrea and she truly treats them as if they are her own. Everyone knows when you enter Ms. Andrea’s kitchen there’s a rule-“If you don’t clean, you don’t eat!”