Meet our Masquerade Committee

Meet Rockwall’s 2016 Masquerade Ball Committee Member

Brittany Owens

Volunteers dedicate their time and talent to our Clubs every day and we couldn’t offer the enriching programs we do without their support.

We spoke with Brittany Owens, who’s volunteering her time on our 2016 Masquerade Ball committee, to find out more about her and what giving back means to her.

Brittany currently lives in Rockwall with her husband Mark and daughter Cove. When Brittany isn’t spending her time giving back to her community she is working on her online boutique, Diamond & Daisy.

1.Why is the Boys & Girls Club important to you?

The B&G club is important to me because it allows me to help make a difference in the community. Through the club I am able to help impact the lives of children that need it.

2.What value does the Boys & Girls Club bring to the community?

The club is so amazing because of the impact and difference it makes in these kids lives whether it be academically or personally. The Boys and Girls Club is there for these kids and will continue to be there for them and support them as long as they need it.

3. Have you learned anything from your experience with the Boys & Girls Club?

From my experience with the Boys and Girls Club I have realized how much the club actually does for the kids. It is not just an after school program, it’s so much more than that to the kids. I was not aware of how involved the club is in their lives, so much that they become like family.