Meet our Masquerade Ball Committee

Meet Rockwall’s 2016 Masquerade Ball Committee Member

Christal Woods

Volunteers dedicate their time and talent to our Clubs every day. We couldn’t meet our goals and provide the programs we do without their support.

We spoke with Christal Woods who has volunteered on more than one occasion for the Boys & Girls Club of Rockwall. She is currently volunteering her time as a member of our 2016 Masquerade Ball committee.  Christal is a devoted wife to her husband Dustin of 4 years. She is a lover of animals and often donates her time to local animal shelters. Christal teaches Sophomore English at Rockwall-Heath High School.

1.Why is the Boys & Girls Club important to you?

The Boys & Girls Club is important to me because I can give back to my community by helping the children feel welcomed and supported. As a teacher, I encounter bright students every day and the Boys & Girls Club provides a launching pad for kids to reach their highest potential. The support and love the club provides is a building block for success.

2.What value does the BGC bring to the community?

The Boys & Girls Club brings an immense value to the community by encouraging and leading our local youth. Anytime a child is provided a loving and positive environment where they can interact with peers and learn outside of their general studies will provide that child with a confidence that otherwise may not surface.

3. Why are you rocking the mask in 2016?

I will be rocking the mask this year to bring awareness to children that look forward to going to the Club every day after school. I want to be more involved in the community that raised me and to help those in need. As a teacher, I want all children to feel loved and welcomed in our home town.

4.  What have you learned from this experience?

I have learned that there are many more children and families in Rockwall that are in need of a little extra support. I’ve learned we may not be able to help every child, but if we can reach even a few that grow to be leaders in our community, it’s worth it. As our future leaders, I hope these kids can cast a wider net than our generation has and help even more of those in need.