Leaders in Training

Studies show that young people who engage in service do better in school, maintain positive relationships with adults, and avoid risky behaviors. At Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Texas we believe in enabling our young people to achieve great futures as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The CSL Group, which stands for Community, Service, and Leaders, was started 3 years ago at our Reecy Davis location by Ms. Andrea with the goal of  broadening the horizons of our youth. This month CSL members are participating in an election of their own as a way to teach our Club Kids about politics and the different roles and responsibilities of the government. There are 9 Club Kids running for President, 2 for Vice President, 2 for Secretary, and 10 for Treasurer. The election day will be held November 8th, the same day as the United States Presidential Election. “We are excited to see how much effort they are putting into their campaign and how eager they are to learn more about each role”, said Ms. Andrea.

To find out more about the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Texas, or to make an investment in our youth, please visit our website at www.begreatnext.org