Cooking Club

Who said cooking is only for the grown-ups? Admittedly, being older makes it easier to reach ingredients on the top shelf, and maybe makes you a bit more confident working at the stove, but that isn’t what cooking is about. For students at the Boys & Girls of Northeast Texas, cooking isn’t about age, it’s about passion.

“I am very passionate about cooking, and I was willing to do anything to get the Cooking Club started,” said Ms. Samantha Ortega, Youth Development Professional at BGC Rockwall.

On Tuesday, quesadillas were on the menu. Club Kids ranging from ages 8-12 gathered around the table at the center of the Boys & Girls Club’s kitchen eager to learn. Taking turns, they read aloud from the menu, going over each step and ingredient.

Trying new things is a big part of the experience.

“Last week, one of them said how much they dislike salad and they’d never eat it, but when we did make it he ended up eating two whole bowls of it,” said Ortega. “Kids love the cooking program. The idea behind it is to form the basic building blocks of cooking ability, creating simple dishes that are both healthy and easy to make at home. It’s intended for newcomers, but many claim to already know the joy of cooking.”

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