Club Kids Visit the Core

We are honored to partner with the Core to provide new experiences for our Club Kids. Once a month a group of 13-15 of our Club Members visit the Core, which is a computer and project-based STEM learning environment, located in Rockwall. The Club Members participate in activities such as building and programing their own robots, designing  jewelry to be printed on a  3D printer, and creating  their own comics. “We absolutely love seeing the excitement on the kid’s faces when they solve a problem on their own while working on one of our hands-on STEM projects.  It also pleases us when they don’t want to leave at the end of their time here.  It shows us that we are doing something right,” Dawn Ross, Partner/Facilitator with the CORE Rockwall.  During their most recent visit our Club Kids thanked the Core for being a “core” part of their future!

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