BGC Success Story

There are amazing moments happening inside of our Club doors each and every day! Did you know that Clubs serve over 4 million kids in over 4,000 Clubs across the country? We provide enriching and life-changing programs tailored for each member.

Jesse, a Reecy Davis Club Kid, is one of the many success stories coming from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Texas. Jesse has shown growth and improvement in many areas, especially his active involvement in Club activities. In Theaters Arts, Jesse has shown leadership in becoming the main character of the play. He also motivated his peers and ensured they stayed focused and serious about the play. In the Community Service group he decided to run for President! At the inception of the election, he won the kids over with the popular vote. He ran an inspiring campaign by shaking hands, persuading others to become active in voting, and gave very convincing arguments about ways to improve the club. Jesse’s achievements have been outstanding this month. He may even be a potential candidate for Jr. Youth of the Year. We can always count on Jesse to step up and set a great example at the club.