BGC Success Story

At the beginning of the school year Tania Vazquez was very shy and had a tendency to keep to herself. Recently, Tania has become more comfortable with the staff and has shown interest in some of the opportunities BGCNETX has to offer. She is now involved in our Community Service Club, Cooking Class, and the Theater Arts Club! In the Community Service Club, Ms. Andrea coordinated an election for the Club Kids to participate in. We were excited to learn that Tania not only wanted to participate in the election, but she was going to run for President! Tania was the only one out of the group to write her own campaign speech without the help of a template or a staff member. Out of  7 outstanding candidates it was Tania who was victorious! She is now one of the most outgoing and responsible members of the Community Service Club. From the beginning of the school year until now, Tania has shown real growth and has improved her social skills through interacting and participating with her peers. We are very proud of Tania and look forward to watching her blossom as time goes on.