2018 Impact Report

For over 30 years, the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Texas has been offering services to youth that save lives, shape great futures, and transform family trees.  Every year, we strive to serve more kids, more frequently, with more impact.

For more information, check out our 2018 Impact report here.

2018 was an incredible year for our Club- all thanks to incredible supporters like you! Because of your generosity, over 4,000 youth were impacted across Northeast Texas.

Northeast Texas is a great place to live, with friendly neighbors, and strong values, and you are a testament to that!

But for many of our neighbors, it is also a place of hardship. Our poverty rate is extremely high.

Can you imagine what life is like for these kids? Uncertainty, hunger, and often desperate living conditions. What’s more, young people in poverty are more likely to engage in dangerous behaviors such as drugs, alcohol, and crime. They are six times more likely to drop out of school than their peers.* But with your help, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Texas is continuing to change those statistics.

After school, kids come to the Club to get help with homework, a healthy snack, play sports, volunteer, learn new skills, play games, go on field trips, and just enjoy childhood. You know from your own childhood how important after-school time is. For these kids, the Club is their path to a successful future. And because of you, it always will be.

It takes courage to face odds like these. Quenton Finney, our 15 year old Youth of the Year sums up the Club when he says:

“Nearly sixty percent of African American kids are raised by a single parent, and about half of them don’t even excel past high school. I know this doesn’t include me because I have the Boys and Girls Club to light a way.

At the Club, I began to immerse myself into club programs such as Money Matters and Passport to Manhood which have provided me a pathway to my future.

At the Club I have been able to start a goal chart, where I am able to set my small and big lifetime goals and actually pursue them. I plan on graduating high school with all honors and attend Ohio State University of Optometry. My club will not let me be a statistic and for that I am most proud to call myself Quenton Finney, a club kid.”

-Excerpt from Quenton’s Speech given at the Texas State Summit in Austin, Texas

Thanks to you, our community’s kids WILL succeed, despite seemingly insurmountable odds.